Four Varieties of Drywall You Need to Know About

There are a lot of varieties of drywall that homeowners could use in various purposes. Depending on the physical attributes of the drywall, one thing is for certain: drywalls are very easy to work with, super convenient to install and are more durable than the normal plaster. 

Although these are the basic attributes of drywall, this particular part of the home is better handled by professionals who could really install them properly. While drywall taping is easy, it would take time and effort when you do it yourself. Meaning, one should learn the basics of installation in order to do the task efficiently. Leaning alone could take so much time. Furthermore, there are specific tools in which drywalls require in order to be installed successfully. Therefore, it is better when professionals do it. 

So, what are the different varieties of drywall? Some examples are expounded below: 

  1. Regular 

Mostly color gray, regular drywalls are the most common variety and this is the particular drywall in which most homeowners are associated with. This particular drywall could be used almost anywhere in the house and it also comes in different sizes, the most common is 4×8 ft. sheet. Furthermore, this type of drywall is mostly the cheapest among all other variant.  

  1. Green 

Another type of drywall that has a specific purpose is the green drywall. This particular drywall is resistant to molds and most commonly, this particular variant of drywall is used in a part of the home where moisture is prominent. However, this particular drywall is slightly more expensive than the regular one.  

  1. Purple 

Another drywall with a specific purpose is the purple drywalls. The same with the aforementioned, this drywall is resistant to molds as well as moisture and mildew. However, what’s more amazing in this type of drywall is that it is scratch and dent-resistant. Therefore, this particular type of drywall is ideal to be situated at home where most traffic occurs.  

  1. Sound Dampening 

Finally, a type of drywall that has a specialized purpose, sound dampening drywalls are somehow similar with the regular ones, however, this particular type of drywalls are mostly thicker.  Because of its added layers, this particular type of drywall is made to increase Sound Transmission Class (STC) while simultaneously reducing noise that is transmitted from one room to another. Thus, if you are planning to install drywalls in an area where you are planning to build a studio or a music room which needs soundproofing, this is the way to go.  

And the list goes on! 

As a responsible homeowner, you only want that is best for you and your family. Thus, when you are planning to remodel your home for the better, then make sure that you are only using the most sturdy materials at your home so that you will not only protect your family while using quality materials, but you will also be certain that it will last for a long period of time. Because at the end of the day, home is where the heart is. And the heart should be protected by a stern home. 

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