Benefits of Having a Spare Car Key

Every year, millions of used vehicles are sold. However, only a small percentage will be sold with more than 1 key.  

Most car buyers will be practical and call a local car dealer or car locksmith to purchase a duplicate key. However, there are still a lot of drivers out there who are driving around with just a single key. The truth is that it’s estimated that around 40% of drivers don’t have a spare car key. 

It makes great sense to hire a locksmith for a car key replacement Los Angeles, whether for other practical reasons or just due-diligence. Here are a couple of reasons why: 

Security of the Car 

In case your car key is stolen, you’re at risk of the key thieves finding and stealing your vehicle. Car thieves can possibly get to your vehicle before a car locksmith. However, you can access your vehicle and drive it to a safe area if you’ve got a spare key. After that, a locksmith will create a replacement key and render the previous key useless.  

Substitute for Snapped Keys 

Car keys are susceptible to snapping and bending. You’ll be very happy if you’ve got an extra key stored in a safe place if your key snaps into two.  

Fast Cloning 

A couple of car keys can be cloned by a professional car locksmith in a couple of seconds. Usually, they will insert your key into their equipment that will read the transponder information and copies it onto another key. Since the ECU will have to be removed and wiped, the replacement cost for a Toyota key will be extremely expensive, especially if you lose all of them.  

Driver Settings 

A couple of the more advanced smart keys save user comfort settings. This means that the car adjusts pre-defined settings whenever the key is detected. This includes radio volume, mirror position, seat position, and much more. All drivers can save their own comfort settings in their own car keys. Thus, it is more beneficial to have more than one key.  


You will save a lot of time and money if you’ve got a spare car key. The reason for this is that during an emergency, you can avoid waiting around for a car locksmith to arrive or avoid the hassle of towing your vehicle into the dealership. 

Saves You Time 

It can mean you’re delayed if you lose your only car key. You will probably miss crucial appointments. In addition to that, you might not be able to use your car for a couple of days.  

It will be Easy for Two Drivers 

Cars are often shared between two individuals and utilizing a single key can improve the chances of losing the only key. There are fewer possibilities of forgetting where the key is if every driver has their own key. Also, it can save time since the other driver won’t have to wait for the other person to pass the key over. Thus, having a spare car key can save a lot of time.  

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