Cheap but Awesome Garden Edging Ideas  

Gardens are always expected to be beautiful. It is a beautiful place where your kids can play and where you can have your tea party with your friends or have your simple celebrations. Landscaping your garden is a growing trend today, where homeowners invest to have beautiful pathways, plant flowering plants, and shrubs and trim tree crowns. Garden edging is one way to make your garden stunning. It accentuates each space in your garden, contributing to the gardens’ overall beauty. Edging is also important to protect your well-grown plants from damage during mowing. Garden edging can be done in so many ways, depending on the available materials and the vibe that you want for your garden. We have here five cheap but awesome garden edging options.   

  1. The sharp-edge lawn makes use of straight and angular corners. This design is one of the simplest yet the boldest. This minimalist style only uses turf and stone slabs. You can use artificial turf to sure a sleek appearance. The most notable feature of this design is the lushness feature of your grass with an impeccably neat edge. You will only need a garden edging Wollongong tool to maintain this design.   
  1. The Budget Brick edge is one of the cheapest designs you can do because it only needs the tools which are already in your garage. This is great to add a definition between the spaces in your garden. This is also another minimalist design that requires only bricks and a few tools. You can do this by digging a brick size-trench around your lawn. Then, start filling it with sand and the bricks in uniform height.   
  1. The Boulder border is best when you have a rocky property. This design is an edge consists of rocks that are simple pile on top of each other making a boulder along the perimeter of your lawn.   
  1. Hedge Edge is one of the most rated edging designs. This is what you see on TV or movies, that if maintained well, your garden could come up with a mini maze. This is done by carefully trimming and manicuring your hedges. It adds a luxurious vibe in your garden. This is a time-consuming design but it is worth the wait.   
  1. The Curved Stone Path gives your garden a quirky look. This is one unique design from the typical sharp and straight edges. This style is more on curvy paths, using edging bricks. You can easily do it yourself as materials and tools needed are just in your garden tools.   

Unleash the true gardener in you. There is no limit where your imagination can take you. Explore and combine designs as you wish. Use whatever materials available because garden edging should note a stressful job for you. Well, if you want perfect finishes and well-maintained garden edges, to save time, you can hire landscaping experts anytime. Take note, it doesn’t matter how big or small your garden is, experts always make way.   



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