Cheap but Awesome Garden Edging Ideas  

Gardens are always expected to be beautiful. It is a beautiful place where your kids can play and where you can have your tea party with your friends or have your simple celebrations. Landscaping your garden is a growing trend today, where homeowners invest to have beautiful pathways, plant flowering plants, and shrubs and trim tree crowns. Garden edging is one way to make your garden stunning. It accentuates each space in your garden, contributing to the gardens’ overall beauty. Edging is also important to protect your well-grown plants from damage during mowing. Garden edging can be done in so many ways, depending on the available materials and the vibe that you want for your garden. We have here five cheap but awesome garden edging options.   

  1. The sharp-edge lawn makes use of straight and angular corners. This design is one of the simplest yet the boldest. This minimalist style only uses turf and stone slabs. You can use artificial turf to sure a sleek appearance. The most notable feature of this design is the lushness feature of your grass with an impeccably neat edge. You will only need a garden edging Wollongong tool to maintain this design.   
  1. The Budget Brick edge is one of the cheapest designs you can do because it only needs the tools which are already in your garage. This is great to add a definition between the spaces in your garden. This is also another minimalist design that requires only bricks and a few tools. You can do this by digging a brick size-trench around your lawn. Then, start filling it with sand and the bricks in uniform height.   
  1. The Boulder border is best when you have a rocky property. This design is an edge consists of rocks that are simple pile on top of each other making a boulder along the perimeter of your lawn.   
  1. Hedge Edge is one of the most rated edging designs. This is what you see on TV or movies, that if maintained well, your garden could come up with a mini maze. This is done by carefully trimming and manicuring your hedges. It adds a luxurious vibe in your garden. This is a time-consuming design but it is worth the wait.   
  1. The Curved Stone Path gives your garden a quirky look. This is one unique design from the typical sharp and straight edges. This style is more on curvy paths, using edging bricks. You can easily do it yourself as materials and tools needed are just in your garden tools.   

Unleash the true gardener in you. There is no limit where your imagination can take you. Explore and combine designs as you wish. Use whatever materials available because garden edging should note a stressful job for you. Well, if you want perfect finishes and well-maintained garden edges, to save time, you can hire landscaping experts anytime. Take note, it doesn’t matter how big or small your garden is, experts always make way.   




Benefits of Having a Spare Car Key

Every year, millions of used vehicles are sold. However, only a small percentage will be sold with more than 1 key.  

Most car buyers will be practical and call a local car dealer or car locksmith to purchase a duplicate key. However, there are still a lot of drivers out there who are driving around with just a single key. The truth is that it’s estimated that around 40% of drivers don’t have a spare car key. 

It makes great sense to hire a locksmith for a car key replacement Los Angeles, whether for other practical reasons or just due-diligence. Here are a couple of reasons why: 

Security of the Car 

In case your car key is stolen, you’re at risk of the key thieves finding and stealing your vehicle. Car thieves can possibly get to your vehicle before a car locksmith. However, you can access your vehicle and drive it to a safe area if you’ve got a spare key. After that, a locksmith will create a replacement key and render the previous key useless.  

Substitute for Snapped Keys 

Car keys are susceptible to snapping and bending. You’ll be very happy if you’ve got an extra key stored in a safe place if your key snaps into two.  

Fast Cloning 

A couple of car keys can be cloned by a professional car locksmith in a couple of seconds. Usually, they will insert your key into their equipment that will read the transponder information and copies it onto another key. Since the ECU will have to be removed and wiped, the replacement cost for a Toyota key will be extremely expensive, especially if you lose all of them.  

Driver Settings 

A couple of the more advanced smart keys save user comfort settings. This means that the car adjusts pre-defined settings whenever the key is detected. This includes radio volume, mirror position, seat position, and much more. All drivers can save their own comfort settings in their own car keys. Thus, it is more beneficial to have more than one key.  


You will save a lot of time and money if you’ve got a spare car key. The reason for this is that during an emergency, you can avoid waiting around for a car locksmith to arrive or avoid the hassle of towing your vehicle into the dealership. 

Saves You Time 

It can mean you’re delayed if you lose your only car key. You will probably miss crucial appointments. In addition to that, you might not be able to use your car for a couple of days.  

It will be Easy for Two Drivers 

Cars are often shared between two individuals and utilizing a single key can improve the chances of losing the only key. There are fewer possibilities of forgetting where the key is if every driver has their own key. Also, it can save time since the other driver won’t have to wait for the other person to pass the key over. Thus, having a spare car key can save a lot of time.  


Why Does Your Hardwood Flooring Look Dull?

Without a doubt, hardwood floors are one of the most durable and elegant flooring options available in the market. They can also add a huge deal to your home’s resale value. However, they do need regular upkeep to keep them looking their best, just like any other home investment. It’s extremely simple to wreak havoc upon your hardwood floors if you stick to lazy routine maintenance or if you’ve got no idea what you’re doing.

If you’ve recently hired a professional Flooring Installation Fort Wayne for your hardwood flooring, here are several things to consider that might damage your flooring.

Incorrect Cleaning Products

How you clean your floors can have a huge influence on how long they’ll last and how they look. You will risk doing more harm than good if you do it wrong. You can consider it as lack of knowledge or unawareness. However, a lot of individuals end up utilizing cleaning products that claim they’re wood safe, even though they’re really not.

Here are a couple of cleaning products that might damage your flooring:

  • Waxes and oil soaps that can cause a hazy build-up and are extremely hard to get rid of.
  • Polishes and other wood renewal-form products that can leave a build-up or residue on your floors. This makes them look waxy and dull.
  • Harsh chemical solutions such as ammonia, vinegar, or other alkaline products that can get rid of the finish. This will expose your flooring’s bare wood.
  • Abrasives such as a bottled cleaner, scrub pads, and baking soda that can damage the wood finish by scratching the protective surface.

Pet Urine

Pet urine is one thing that can damage the hardwood floor. The puddle your pets leave on your floor contains ammonia and uric acid. These are organic enzymes that can damage the gloss of your floor and cause the wood to appear dull. You have to clean up every accident right away to keep damage to a minimum. Also, you can think about installing water-resistant pads if you’re pet has a preferred area to do its business or if you’re house-training a puppy.

Pet Nails

When running or playing around your home, large or medium dog breeds such as Mastiffs, Shepherds, and Retrievers can also exert a high pressure enough to damage your hardwood floors. This results in unpleasant dents and scratches all over the surface. When letting your pet cat on hardwood floors, dents and scratches are less of a concern since they’re simply too light to cause much damage. However, your cats can still damage floors when chasing and playing. Keeping the nails of your pets regularly trimmed and clipped is the best way to lower this damage.

Too Much Sun

Aside from damaging our skin, UV rays can also damage your hardwood floors. Direct exposure to sunlight over time can discolor and bleach your floors. On severe occasions, they might even cause warping. Luckily, you can prevent the sun from damaging your hardwood floors by:

  • Planting shrubs or trees in front of windows.
  • Installing UV resistant tinted windows.
  • Closing the blinds, shutters, or curtains during the day.

Four Varieties of Drywall You Need to Know About

There are a lot of varieties of drywall that homeowners could use in various purposes. Depending on the physical attributes of the drywall, one thing is for certain: drywalls are very easy to work with, super convenient to install and are more durable than the normal plaster. 

Although these are the basic attributes of drywall, this particular part of the home is better handled by professionals who could really install them properly. While drywall taping is easy, it would take time and effort when you do it yourself. Meaning, one should learn the basics of installation in order to do the task efficiently. Leaning alone could take so much time. Furthermore, there are specific tools in which drywalls require in order to be installed successfully. Therefore, it is better when professionals do it. 

So, what are the different varieties of drywall? Some examples are expounded below: 

  1. Regular 

Mostly color gray, regular drywalls are the most common variety and this is the particular drywall in which most homeowners are associated with. This particular drywall could be used almost anywhere in the house and it also comes in different sizes, the most common is 4×8 ft. sheet. Furthermore, this type of drywall is mostly the cheapest among all other variant.  

  1. Green 

Another type of drywall that has a specific purpose is the green drywall. This particular drywall is resistant to molds and most commonly, this particular variant of drywall is used in a part of the home where moisture is prominent. However, this particular drywall is slightly more expensive than the regular one.  

  1. Purple 

Another drywall with a specific purpose is the purple drywalls. The same with the aforementioned, this drywall is resistant to molds as well as moisture and mildew. However, what’s more amazing in this type of drywall is that it is scratch and dent-resistant. Therefore, this particular type of drywall is ideal to be situated at home where most traffic occurs.  

  1. Sound Dampening 

Finally, a type of drywall that has a specialized purpose, sound dampening drywalls are somehow similar with the regular ones, however, this particular type of drywalls are mostly thicker.  Because of its added layers, this particular type of drywall is made to increase Sound Transmission Class (STC) while simultaneously reducing noise that is transmitted from one room to another. Thus, if you are planning to install drywalls in an area where you are planning to build a studio or a music room which needs soundproofing, this is the way to go.  

And the list goes on! 

As a responsible homeowner, you only want that is best for you and your family. Thus, when you are planning to remodel your home for the better, then make sure that you are only using the most sturdy materials at your home so that you will not only protect your family while using quality materials, but you will also be certain that it will last for a long period of time. Because at the end of the day, home is where the heart is. And the heart should be protected by a stern home.