How a DUI Charge Affects You Mentally 

A DUI charge can result in serious legal penalties. However, that isn’t the only fear during the conviction. The confiscation of license, police questions, DUI testing, and the overall implicating conditions can be stressful. 

The case is typically more overwhelming for young drivers who are charged with DUI for the first time. They usually experience a lot of different emotions since they’ll lose a lot. Since young drivers don’t know how to handle a criminal allegation, they seek a support system. A couple of them make the error of misbehaving. This worsens the situation.  

If you’re dealing with a DUI charge without the help of Fort Myers DUI lawyers, it’s normal for you to go through a variety of emotional phases. This from BestMixer’s site includes: 

Anxiety and Despair 

Despair takes over if you’re left helpless and everything is out in the open. You’re unhappy due to the fact that you risked your future and you let your family down. After getting rejection from society, you become depressed. You’ll also lose a couple of privileges. You want to go in the past to correct your mistake. Unfortunately, it won’t be the same. You make a promise to yourself that you won’t drink and drive again since you can’t endure reliving the recent happenings.  

Embarrassment and Remorse 

The guilt starts to set in if you grasp that you’re wrong and can’t undo what has happened. You regret all the actions that resulted at that moment. You wish you never drove or drink. However, it is already too late. You think about what your friends and family will have to say after they find out about your mistake. You hate the fact that your mug shot will become public and every person you know will see it. You can’t stop considering the effects of a criminal record on your education or job.  

Fury and Fear 

Whenever the authorities treat you like a criminal and interrupt your plans, anger will certainly set in. Obviously, you don’t have any intention of going to jail. Thus, you cuss your luck. You might hit something or yell in the heat of your frustration and desperation. Also, you’re scared of what’s going to happen at the same time. You’re frightened of spending time in jail and nobody coming to help you. How will you explain if your loved one sees you like this? 

Denial and Shock 

Usually, is not a pleasant surprise if you get pulled over by the authorities. In addition to that, getting handcuffed and dragged to the police station can be extremely terrifying. The proceedings appear like a nightmare and you wish to wake up any second. You tell yourself that you didn’t do anything bad and you want to go away. However, you can’t because you’re restrained. You aren’t prepared to take accountability for your actions and face the penalties.  


Time will help you heal. Therefore, you become complacent and calm. You adapt to your new lifestyle. Thus, it does not affect your life anymore. Everything begins to go back to normal as you make peace with reality. You can’t forget your DUI experience. However, you’ll learn from it.  

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